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homeownersYour home is one of, if not the, largest assets you own, which makes it important to have the correct coverage for your particular situation in order to protect your investment and financial wellbeing. Homeowner Insurance has many variables including, but not limited to coverage amounts, deductible amounts, items covered by the policy (personal property, dwelling, structures, liability, etc…).  Your standard policy typically protects your home and the items you have inside it. Homeowner policies are considered package policies meaning property damage and liability and/or legal responsibility for injuries and/or property damage caused by you or any member of your family to other people are covered.

Typically, damage suffered due to a natural disaster is covered, but there are exceptions. If you are unfortunate enough to realize damage caused by an earthquake or a flood, your Homeowner’s policy will not cover the cost of repairing the damages. Additional policies covering these natural disasters may be purchased separately. Please speak to your First Beneficial Insurance Services representative if you are interested in obtaining additional coverage for earthquakes and/or floods.

In addition to earthquakes and floods, damage attributed to insufficient or poor maintenance is not covered for repair of damages with the policies. Maintenance of the property and maintenance related issues are the Homeowner’s responsibility.

Allow us to assist you in protecting your largest investment against damage and liability by ensuring you are covered thoroughly and properly with the correct policy and/or combination of policies for your specific situation. With our personal attention and ability to research the many insurance companies we have access to for the best combination of coverage and premium, you will get the best policy for your personally specified desire and needs.

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