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commercialFirst Beneficial Insurance has relationships with many Commercial Insurance Carriers, which gives us the ability the search and find the best insurance coverage for your commercial needs and budget. Commercial Insurance can be complicated and confusing. The success of your business can depend on having the right combination of types of Commercial Insurance and proper coverage amounts. Commercial Insurance can include worker’s compensation, general liability, commercial truck and/or vehicle and/or professional liability. Your business may need each of these exposure types insured, or you may just need one or two types of coverage. I addition to the types of coverage, there are sub categories within the categories which may or may not pertain to your business. Navigating Commercial Insurance for small business owners can be a daunting task. Allow one of our experts to guide you through the process and assist you in finding the proper types and amounts of coverage to protect your assets and comply with commercial regulations. Let’s get started today! Request a quote or CALL US TOLL FREE 1(844)InsurCA.

  • Workers’ Compensation aka: Workmen’s Compensation: Protect your employees from job related illness and injuries. These policies pay directly for medical bills, rehabilitation and lost wages.
  • Commercial Auto: Insure your business owned commercial trucks and automobiles used in the course of conducting business.
  • Umbrella Liability: Provides further levels of protection to Workers’ Compensation, Commercial Auto, General Liability, and Professional Liability.
  • Commercial General Liability: Covers the premises of your business, losses due to negligence, completed operations and products.
  • Professional Liability: Provides coverage for errors and omissions which protects your business when rendering professional services such as advise, consultations, planning, design solutions, etc.

Does your business have assets which include desks, computers, data, important papers, cash, construction equipment, other furniture, other personal property, vehicles, etc? How about your income, can it be insured due to loss of income from certain causes, and if so, would you like to do so?
Each of these types of assets can be insured, and our experts can help you to do just that! Request a quote or call us today! 1(844)InsurCA.

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