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First Beneficial Insurance Services is a family owned and operated business. Founded in 2016 by CEO Dave McNaughton, and his son Vice President Travis McNaughton, as an answer to personal frustration over typical business practices at other agencies, First Beneficial Insurance’s slogan and creed is “Our Client’s benefits come first!” After spending years in the insurance industry being frustrated and working for/with several different insurance agencies, we came to the realization that the best way to truly serve the best interest of our clients was to open our own agency. Thus, First Beneficial Insurance Services was born. Rather than open an agency where we were considered a “Captive Agent”, we preferred to take the path of an independent Insurance Broker. While being an independent broker is a more difficult road to travel in the insurance world, it offers us much more flexibility for finding the best products and pricing for our clients.

We are service oriented and pride ourselves on assisting our clients achieve the best coverage for their circumstances. With this in mind we have the ability to provide the insurance our customers need whether that is as simple as a single ATV or highly complicated multi aspect commercial policy and everything in between. We are not captive to any single insurance company, so we have the ability to locate, and provide the best options for coverage you need for your particular situation. Excellent customer service with a personal touch is the experience we provide for our clients. We strive to have very long term relationships with our clientele, and this can only be realized through providing a quality experience and quality products. For each and every one of your insurance needs, contact us for a free, no hassle quote. We’ll be glad you did, and we’ll do everything within our power to ensure you are glad you inquired with us too! 1(844)InsurCA.

Dave McNaughton - Founder, CEO, Broker

Dave McNaughton – Founder, CEO, Broker

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