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Huntington Beach Auto InsuranceHuntington Beach Car Insurance

Huntington Beach Auto Insurance

First Beneficial Insurance Services is an independent Insurance Broker servicing the city of Huntington Beach. By being an “Independent Insurance Broker” we are better able to serve the needs of our clients. Rather than being a “Captive Insurance Agent” who is serving the needs of their insurance company first.

The insurance products we offer are Auto Insurance Huntington Beach, Home, Renters, Motorcycle, RV, Boat, ATV, PWC, Business, Commercial Vehicle, Worker’s Compensation, Life, Group Medical, Special Event, and much more. Our relationship with over 100 different insurance companies allows us to offer our clients competitive pricing, and when we bundle policies, we can arrange for deeply discounted premiums. When we bundle auto and home for instance, we regularly see our clients saving $400 – $600 per year on the premiums.

Now, each situation is unique, so there is no typical amount saved. We are confident we can save our clients money on their premiums. If we are unable to save them money, we’re upfront and explain to them either A) they’re in a great product already and should stay put, or B) the reason they are paying too little for their personal situation. There are never any high pressure sales. We pride ourselves on educating our clients on the value and protection available to them through various insurance products and coverages.

Broker or Agent, which do you want to choose?

When the time comes for Auto Insurance Huntington Beach remember, an independent Insurance Broker is not captive to a particular insurance company. Therefore, his/her loyalty is to the client. His/Her job is to find the best premium/coverage/policy for the client’s situation available. This is achieved by shopping the various insurance companies he/she has relationships with. A Captive Agent is captive to the insurance company he/she works for. Limited to one option for his/her client, he/she must provide them with a policy from their insurance company. This may not be the best fit for the client. Or he/she can explain to the client that their may be better products on the market for the client’s needs.

If you are looking for insurance, and would like a Broker/Agent who can advise you, with your interests at heart, feel free to give us a call, or request a quote from our website. At First Beneficial Insurance the quotes are always free. For Auto Insurance Huntington Beach call 1-844-InsurCA